Citron Vert Paris

Skills on this project : WordPress, Elementor, Google Sheet, Zappier, HTML/CSS

For this project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a Paris-based clothing brand, where I took charge of the entire creation of their website. My main objective was to design an online platform that not only reflects the brand’s elegance and identity but also optimizes sales through a carefully crafted user experience.

I developed the site from A to Z, ensuring a visual aesthetic in line with the brand image and integrating advanced features to offer an exceptional user experience. In-depth UX/UI reflection was conducted to analyze user needs and the brand’s sales objectives. Using design thinking techniques, I developed solutions aimed at maximizing conversions and improving customer satisfaction.

During the design phase, I created wireframes and interactive prototypes to validate design choices with stakeholders. This step ensured that every aspect of the site was optimized for intuitive and fluid navigation.

The website was developed using WordPress and Elementor, offering easy and flexible content management for the brand’s team.

To meet the demands of e-commerce, I integrated essential features such as adding shipping methods and secure payment options. These specifications were put in place to ensure a seamless and secure shopping experience for customers.

Another important achievement of this project was the implementation of an automated file to facilitate the addition of new products to the site. This solution has considerably simplified the integration process for internal teams, thus improving operational efficiency and allowing the brand to easily keep its catalog up to date.

This project has been an extremely enriching experience that has allowed me to demonstrate and strengthen my skills in web development and UX/UI design. Collaborating with the brand’s team and the satisfaction of seeing the site evolve and achieve its business objectives have been particularly rewarding. This achievement has not only enriched my portfolio but has also confirmed my ability to create elegant and effective web solutions tailored to the specific needs of fashion and e-commerce businesses.