Hi, I'm Noam – a passionate digital
explorer seeking new horizons. 🙃

With a diploma of E-Business Manager obtained at the Ecole Supérieure du Digital in Paris in 2023, I have gained, over the years, the opportunity to exercise and affirm myself as a freelancer. I have completed various projects in web development, UX design, digital marketing strategy, and visual identity creation for clients in different industries such as construction, fashion, and luxury. These experiences have helped me to greatly improve my knowledge and skills in the digital domain.

Today, I am looking for new opportunities to progress in my professional career. It is with this goal in mind that I decided to put aside my freelance work to focus on finding an innovative company that can provide me with a new and stimulating vision and expertise.

To know more about me: I am French and lived in Paris until I was 14. I then moved to Israel to attend a French school in Jerusalem, where I adapted to this new country and culture. I subsequently obtained Israeli nationality and completed my military service.

After this period, I chose to return to France to continue my studies, which allowed me to progress and build a solid network in the digital field. This step was crucial and very enriching, helping me to discover new perspectives and meet mentors who have helped me to evolve.

In 2023, I returned to Israel with the objective of furthering my professional development in a country known for its high-tech and new technologies sector. I am convinced that this environment will enable me to thrive, learn more, and contribute my skills and knowledge.

With my versatile and self-taught profile, I am capable of working in many areas of digital. While it is challenging to pinpoint a specific job title, I am particularly interested in positions focused on design, product and interface creation, as well as project management, whether in e-commerce or marketing.