Acc Paris

This client was one of the first e-commerce sites I developed. For this clothing brand based in Paris, they reached out to me after experiencing issues with their initial web developer. Given the intense competition in the luxury caftan creation industry, it was crucial for them to create an e-commerce site with a strong brand image.

I completely redesigned the site and its ergonomics to facilitate product searches and optimize the sales funnel. I created a website with a newly conceptualized visual identity and brand image. Additionally, I trained the team on how to use WordPress to add new products and manage existing orders.

I also assisted the team in developing their communication strategy by providing advice and helping them implement their SEA strategy on Google Ads. Thanks to this work, the company significantly increased its visibility, positively impacting their product sales.

Personal Reflection

This project was particularly significant for me as it represented a unique opportunity to demonstrate my e-commerce site development skills in a highly competitive sector. Working with a luxury brand required meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the client’s expectations in terms of design and user experience.

Redesigning the site’s ergonomics and visual identity was a challenging yet rewarding task. Seeing the company’s increased visibility and sales was a great source of professional satisfaction. This project also allowed me to strengthen my skills in training and strategic consulting, especially in using WordPress and implementing Google Ads campaigns.

In summary, this project not only enriched my portfolio but also confirmed my ability to provide effective and creative solutions, even in initially complex situations. It reinforced my commitment to helping businesses achieve their commercial objectives through innovative digital strategies.