Le XVI Art Gallery

Skills used on this project : WordPress, Elementor, Google Sheet, Zappier, Adobe Creative Cloud

This project holds significant importance in my career as it allowed me to demonstrate my versatility in various digital domains. This gallery, founded in 2021 in the prestigious Place des Vosges in Paris, initially hired me to create their e-commerce website. For this first mission, I leveraged my diverse skills and learned to navigate this complex and unique sector.

Challenges and Achievements

I had to adapt to this sector and create numerous iterations and prototypes before developing the website. The project required several design stages to create a brand image that perfectly reflected the gallery owners’ desires and the image they wanted to project. I worked independently and from scratch to deliver a unique result.

Beyond this mission, where the gallery owners were very satisfied with my work and we established a professional trust relationship, they asked me to manage their digital infrastructure. I collaborated with a SEA company to implement a strategy aimed at attracting clients for a specific service of the gallery: art leasing.

Maintenance and Support

I also provided this gallery with ongoing website maintenance and support, including adding products and integrating content. This mission extended into the following year, where, as part of my study project, I proposed a comprehensive digital strategy for this gallery.

Study Project and Innovative Recommendations

For this study project, I analyzed various metrics and deeply modified the previously created website into a more effective version better suited to the brand image. My innovative recommendations were highly appreciated by the management, who expressed their desire to implement them.

Personal Reflection

This project was a crucial milestone in my professional journey. Working with a prestigious art gallery was a unique opportunity to showcase my ability to manage large-scale projects and meet the high expectations of demanding clients. The numerous challenges faced, from the initial design to implementing digital marketing strategies, allowed me to develop a holistic vision of the needs of a modern business.

The satisfaction of the gallery owners and their willingness to continue collaborating with me on other projects was a great source of pride. This project not only enriched my portfolio but also strengthened my confidence in my skills and my ability to innovate and provide effective solutions.