Skills on this project : Figma, WordPress, Elementor, Adobe Creative Cloud

This project was carried out in collaboration with one of the executives I had previously worked with on the art gallery. The goal was to revamp and modernize the showcase website of this luxury product wholesaler. This project allowed me to implement my skills in UX and UI design by proposing custom designs and collaborating step-by-step to offer solutions in line with the existing visual identity.

Challenges and Achievements

For this project, I undertook an in-depth analysis of the current site to identify areas for improvement in terms of user experience (UX). I developed wireframes and interactive prototypes, allowing the design choices to be validated with stakeholders at each stage of the project. My main goal was to create intuitive and smooth navigation while highlighting luxury products in an elegant and sophisticated manner.

Custom Design and Content Structuring

I designed custom visuals, respecting and enhancing the existing visual identity. Each graphic element and interaction was designed to provide a harmonious and coherent user experience. I also structured the content logically and clearly, facilitating access to key information and improving visitor engagement.

Collaboration and Validation

Throughout the project, I closely collaborated with the executive and other stakeholders, gathering their feedback and adjusting the designs accordingly. This collaborative approach ensured that the site fully met the client’s expectations while adhering to luxury market standards.

Personal Reflection

This project was an enriching and formative experience. It allowed me to demonstrate and strengthen my UX and UI design skills in a demanding context. The collaboration with executives and the satisfaction of seeing the site evolve at each stage of the project were extremely rewarding. This project not only enriched my portfolio but also confirmed my ability to create elegant and effective design solutions, aligned with the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Working on this project also allowed me to develop a better understanding of the specific needs of luxury businesses in terms of design and digital communication. This experience reinforced the idea that UX design is not limited to aesthetics but plays a crucial role in user engagement and the commercial success of a website.