A.N.A.E. Publication

This project is one of the first and most significant I have undertaken to date. The company in question already had a certain level of visibility on the web, primarily due to its collaborators and renowned pediatricians. However, its brand image and presence across various channels were limited and outdated. Additionally, it faced user experience issues, both internally with the management of subscriptions to its medical journal and externally, where it was challenging for users to subscribe or gain visibility on the publications.

Objectives and Interventions

I was hired to completely overhaul this strategy and modernize the company’s various processes. We first implemented online readers to reduce the number of paper versions of the journals. Simultaneously, we simplified and automated the subscription system in collaboration with external companies.

In addition to this digital transformation strategy, I undertook a complete redesign of the website. I designed a complex and optimized site structure focused on user experience, making the site easier to use. This redesign was carried out in line with the company’s new visual identity.

Customization and Continuous Support

I also fully customized the backend of the site, built on WordPress, to facilitate content addition by the marketing and integration teams. For several years now, I have been providing ongoing technical support to this company, ensuring the site operates smoothly, avoiding downtime, and meeting the client’s needs to keep them in the best possible condition.

Personnal Reflection

This digital transformation project for a medical company has been an incredibly enriching and formative experience for me. Working with a team of renowned professionals and providing innovative solutions to complex problems not only enhanced my technical skills but also gave me a deeper understanding of the strategic and operational challenges faced by a large-scale enterprise.

This project presented me with a variety of challenges, from a complete overhaul of the visual identity to advanced customization of the WordPress backend. Each step required thorough planning and close collaboration with various stakeholders. The satisfaction of seeing improvements in user experience and internal management was a great reward for all the efforts invested.

Beyond the technical aspects, this project was also a valuable lesson in project management and communication. Providing continuous support and ensuring the site’s smooth operation over the long term taught me the importance of reliability and responsiveness in client relationships.

In summary, this project was a crucial milestone in my professional journey, allowing me to consolidate my skills in digital transformation and prepare to tackle new challenges with confidence and ambition.