Adar Psychometrique

I was tasked with revamping the website of a French training organization based in Israel and creating a high-converting landing page to generate leads. This project required a deep understanding of the organization’s target audience, their training offerings, and the competitive landscape in the Israeli market. Website Revamp User-Centered Design: I conducted thorough user research […]

Le XVI Art Gallery

Skills used on this project : WordPress, Elementor, Google Sheet, Zappier, Adobe Creative Cloud This project holds significant importance in my career as it allowed me to demonstrate my versatility in various digital domains. This gallery, founded in 2021 in the prestigious Place des Vosges in Paris, initially hired me to create their e-commerce website. […]

The Slicerie Pizza

Skills used on this project : WordPress, Elementor, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Ads, Google Workspace I had the pleasure of collaborating with a new pizza restaurant in Paris to revamp their brand identity and establish a strong digital presence. My comprehensive approach encompassed the creation of a cohesive visual identity, implementation of effective digital marketing […]

Pythagore Expertise

Through external recommendations, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a reputable SEO agency on a project for a new client, an accounting firm. This project presented a unique blend of challenges and rewards, allowing me to work closely with SEO experts while exercising my UX/UI design skills to create a website that met the […]


Skills on this project : Figma, Elementor, WordPress, Google Workspace, GSAP, HTML/CSS I had the privilege of collaborating with a Tel Aviv-based startup that specializes in AI phone sales agents. My primary responsibilities involved designing and developing a user-friendly and visually appealing website that effectively conveys the company’s value proposition and brand identity. Additionally, I […]


Skills on this project : Figma, WordPress, Elementor, Adobe Creative Cloud This project was carried out in collaboration with one of the executives I had previously worked with on the art gallery. The goal was to revamp and modernize the showcase website of this luxury product wholesaler. This project allowed me to implement my skills […]

Citron Vert Paris

Skills on this project : WordPress, Elementor, Google Sheet, Zappier, HTML/CSS For this project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a Paris-based clothing brand, where I took charge of the entire creation of their website. My main objective was to design an online platform that not only reflects the brand’s elegance and identity but […]

Acc Paris

This client was one of the first e-commerce sites I developed. For this clothing brand based in Paris, they reached out to me after experiencing issues with their initial web developer. Given the intense competition in the luxury caftan creation industry, it was crucial for them to create an e-commerce site with a strong brand […]

A.N.A.E. Publication

This project is one of the first and most significant I have undertaken to date. The company in question already had a certain level of visibility on the web, primarily due to its collaborators and renowned pediatricians. However, its brand image and presence across various channels were limited and outdated. Additionally, it faced user experience […]